Get Your Used Car Purchase On The Right Track With These Simple 4 Tips

Posted by at 25 September 2017, at 10 : 44 AM

Get Your Used Car Purchase On The Right Track With These Simple 4 Tips

Everyone at some point or another has looked at how to acquire the car they want for cheaper than buying it new. Not only does this allow for a car purchase which is more satisfying in it’s worth, but can give you the peace of mind needed to make sure you haven’t been scammed or have bought something outside of your paygrade.

Here are some tips to make sure you keep your wits about you when purchasing a used car.

Identify What You Truly Want

So you’ve found the need for a new car, you’ve acquired a convenient and reasonable loan from 1800 Car Title, and you’ve identified what car you want. Or have you? Finding the best car for your budget needs thorough research, and you can only get to that if you plan as much as possible. Find the car model online, visit online community car forums and discuss your needs. You are always likely to be sent in the right direction when you have an honest explanation of what you’re looking for to hand. People who have no financial incentive to suggest one model over another are more likely to be candid about issues with a certain model or to suggest you things you should look out for in the first place.


It’s not uncommon to see cars which have been welded together as a result of both models being wrecked or made unroadworthy. The cuts are often well made, and it can be hard to examine these from the outside. Unfortunately, purchasing one of these cars can become a massive headache, because you will be driving an illegal vehicle while believing that the vehicle is genuine. This can land you in plenty of authority with your road authority which you no doubt would like to avoid. Always check your car against the registration repository to make sure the car you’re choosing is genuine.


Don’t view a car in low lighting, in a dark garage or without clear pictures from the internet. You need to be able to inspect all of the paint, all of the glass as well as the tyre arches and wheels. Inspecting an engine is much more difficult when you’re finding it difficult to see. If you’re worried, bring a torch with you in advance for the best results. It will help you get through the hard to see spots.


Be aware of anything which looks “too good”. People will often dress up their sales as being based in convenience, and that’s why they are letting it go so cheaply. Unfortunately, that’s often a flimsy excuse for a real issue underlying that the seller hopes you don’t notice. Make sure to look for the car MOT, check the cam belt, make sure you have access to the vehicular handbook as well as asking permission for a test drive. If any of these are an issue for the seller, it’s likely that alarm bells should be raised and you’d be better off finding another seller. If you go through a large second-hand auction house, you should be able to get a good perception of the person you’re meeting through their online profile, and how many reviews they have received positive or negative.

With these tips, you will be sure to identify the best, most genuine and affordable car for your budget.

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