Trailer Hitch Locks – Trailers Protection Tool

Posted by at 23 January 2015, at 11 : 57 AM

Trailer Hitch Locks – Trailers Protection Tool

Trailer hitch locks come in many forms and many configurations. And best of all, for the protection they afford, they’re dirt-cheap. You can also use these locks while towing to prevent trailer tongue coupler latch from accidentally getting uncoupled as well. A sort of extra bonus.

One thing for certain: There are a whole mess of really, really good locks on the market, and they’re getting more sophisticated every day. Let’s face it, robbery in most parts of the country isn’t going down. And today, there’s a whole new group of bad guys who actually specialize in trailer theft. You need a quality hitch lock. A lot of good locks come with a black powder coating that prevents rust. That’s something to look for. Some fast-lock couplers have heavy-duty locking systems which are designed to prevent accidental uncoupling. A very nice side benefit.

Dead bolt receiver type locks secure the receiver both quickly and easily. Dead blots, just like the ones you have at home, are yet another type of lock you’ll want to check out. And when it comes to trailer locks in general, we’re not talking rocket science here, folks. These things are easy to put on, but a would-be thief might have to be a rocket scientist to take one off!

Another good option is the built-in radial pin lock. This type of lock has extra plating for locking to the vehicle while the lock is applied. Then, of course, there are the trailer hitch radial locks which you set with your own combination.

There are many good brands of trailer hitch locks on the market today, and for the safety and piece-of-mind they provide, they’re really a bargain you can’t afford to pass up.

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