Buying a Car for Your Teenager: 4 Aspects to Keep in Mind

Posted by at 29 September 2020, at 10 : 48 AM

Buying a Car for Your Teenager: 4 Aspects to Keep in Mind

Buying your teenager’s first car is an extremely important step for any family, and should not be overlooked. Even if your child has passed all tests and earned a driving license, there is always a voice in the parent’s mind that worries about safety on the road. And this is reasonable! Today, car accidents are among the leading causes of injury for teenagers between 15 and 20, and emphasizing the importance of safety while on the road is crucial. However, buying them a car is inevitable, making getting ready for this step in the best way paramount. Start with the tips below!

It’s All About Safety

Picking the right car for your teenager can be an extremely tricky choice. Whether you decide on a new or old car, it is essential that it has been tested, and there are no risks of serious breakdowns. Speaking to the seller or bringing it to a certified mechanic can help you better understand the safety level of the car you have just bought. If you have opted for an older car, you might also decide to change the tires, check the brakes, and test the engine’s functioning.

Speed and Sports Cars

Undoubtedly, your teenager will want to make the most out of their new car, and you can’t exclude the possibility that they will speed. While teaching them how to behave on the road is crucial, you will not be able to supervise them at all times! However, avoiding sports cars and picking a new car with a smaller engine might be the right choice to have better peace of mind. For this, you might decide to opt for a city or compact car that can help them get to places without running the risk of serious accidents.

Understand the Costs

Among the crucial aspects to consider when buying a car for your teen is this choice’s cost. Indeed, your child might not be able to afford such expenses, and the cost of the vehicle will fall on you. But, when dedicating a budget to this purchase, it is essential also to consider the additional – and sometimes hidden – costs of buying a car. These might include insurance, repairs, fuel, and maintenance.

That is why many parents end up opting for a used, but high-quality car. These are generally less expensive than new cars, and the cost of repairs in the case of scratches and breakdowns would undoubtedly lower. However, you can not compromise with safety when making this choice! That is why it is recommendable to get in touch with certified and professional used car dealerships that will offer you all the guidance you need.

Raising Road Safety Awareness Is Key

As seen, road accidents account for an increasing number of injuries and deaths every year. And, in most situations, the accident is caused due to the driver’s inaccuracy or mistake. Teaching your teenagers how to behave while driving and raising awareness about the dangers of getting on the road is crucial. While the driving school will do an excellent job of training them on how to drive safely, it is your task to make them more aware of each driver’s responsibilities. This can also help you enjoy better peace of mind when your teens are put on their own!

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