4 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Car Engine

Posted by at 1 October 2020, at 07 : 19 AM

4 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Car Engine

The engine forms the heart of any automobile system. Therefore, if you want to increase the lifespan of your vehicle, start with engine maintenance. A well-functioning engine cuts down your fuel costs and increases your vehicle’s value should you want to sell it. In fact, when operated correctly, a modern diesel engine consumes about 10-20% less fuel. Now that you know the importance of proper engine maintenance, here are four ways to improve your car engine’s health.

1. Change your engine oil regularly

When you passed your test and received your first-time driver’s license, you might have always been cautioned to check the quality of your engine oil. That is because the substance acts as a coolant and a lubricant that keeps your engine parts in good shape. Without engine oil, your engine’s moving parts will wear out faster from mechanical processes and produce excessive noise. When you constantly ignore changing your engine oil, you are creating an inefficient environment for your engine. Eventually, your engine may fail to start, which means you cannot get your vehicle on the road again – without professional assistance. You are required to change your oil after covering at least every 3000 miles or so, depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Install new filters

Filters (whether for air, fuel, or oil) prevent foreign materials from finding their way into your car engine. Air filters, in particular, remove dirt in the air before it goes through your engine system. On the other hand, fuel and oil filters prevent abrasive sediments from tampering with your car engine. Although manufacturers usually include manuals that specify when filters may have to be replaced, the environment in which you use your car, you use your car in may demand that you change your filters more often than usual. Auto mechanics can install new filters and perform oil change procedures for your vehicle.

3. Drive carefully

You have to respect your car when driving it because your automobile’s health depends on how you change new parts and how you drive it. Driving carelessly, especially on a bad road, does not only make you a dangerous driver; it is detrimental to engine health too. Your braking and acceleration habits, for example, heavily impact all components of your vehicle including the engine gasket sets. These are kits made up of changing parts such as head gaskets and valves when repairing your car engines. When you drive recklessly, you stress the engine and force its parts to wear out faster.

4. Read your car manual

4 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Car Engine

A car owner’s manual contains a wealth of information on everything the driver needs to know about vehicle maintenance. Quite unfortunately, drivers often bury their manuals under their seats and do not bother to read them. Apart from giving you engine maintenance tips, a manual can teach you how to use some vehicle’s technical parts. So, resort to your manual for more information on when to change your filters and nourish your engine.

Car maintenance involves little details that could cost you more if ignored. Your engine health, however, is one of those things you simply cannot compromise on. These tips are just a few ways you can make sure it gets the attention it needs.

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