Eco Friendly Cars That You Have to See to Believe

Posted by at 15 July 2021, at 06 : 45 AM

Eco Friendly Cars That You Have to See to Believe

Like them or loathe them, it looks like eco-friendly cars are here to stay. The great thing about this is the range of cars is getting bigger than ever before. And some of these cars are incredible, you would almost forget that they were the green option.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

Tesla has been making waves for years with their electric car designs. The modern design and the high tech features have made buyers fall over themselves to get their hands on the latest model. Teslas are known for their fun features and are a status symbol for those people who like to live a green life. Every new model brings some new features but the most exciting features are always improvements to the battery and the speed. Tesla has always been known for its speed and sleek design, and the model 3 is no different.

Hyundai Kona Electric EV

Ths latest model from Hyundai looks very familiar. In fact, if you look at it the right way, it looks like a Porsche Cayenne. If you aren’t a big fan of Porsche, this might put you off. However, if you can get over the outside, the inside looks pretty good. The interior is comfortable and the engine is silent and quick to respond. This makes it great for moving about the town. And the inside space makes it great for a family.

Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV

The Toyota RAV4 is a beast of a car. This large SUV has a commanding look with sharp details and a mean looking front grill. The inside is luxurious and spacious, it almost makes it difficult to determine who this car is for. For the power, the RAV4 is a plug-in hybrid, so you can travel 42 miles on a full battery before the petrol engine kicks in.

Kia Soul Electric EV

As a brand, Kia has been fighting hard to rebrand itself as a car for the modern family. The new Kia Soul is the newest member of the family that might suit yours. The car is large with plenty of room, but even more impressive is the engine. Using the same drivetrain as the Hyundai Kona, the Kia Soul has a range of 280 miles.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid HEV

The Corolla has been a long favourite of many people, including the regular engines. The Corolla is a second-hand staple for young drivers when they passed their driving test. You can still get a good quality Toyota with Cars Protection Plus, and now you can keep enjoying your favorite car in a hybrid version. Toyota is leading the way with changing their cars to hybrids but ensuring that they don’t scream “hybrid”. In fact, the only reason that people will know that this is a hybrid is if you tell them or they spot the blue circle in the car badge.

Honda Insight HEV

There are plenty of large cars and SUVs making the change to hybrid, but what about saloons? The Honda Insight has you covered. The body shape is a nod to the classic Honda shape that we all know, while the engine is constantly changing to become more eco-friendly. This could be the car to watch as Honda have made it clear that they plan on being a leader in clean car technology.

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