How Electric Cars Are Paving The Way For Bigger EV Trucks

Posted by at 15 November 2023, at 06 : 43 AM

How Electric Cars Are Paving The Way For Bigger EV Trucks

The electric car revolution appears to be upon us. Vehicle manufacturers are mainstreaming their EV ambitions and trusting science and technology to overcome some of the roadblocks ahead.

However, things are getting even more exciting as the same technology that made EVs possible is now moving over to the multi-trillion-dollar truck market in a change that could transform supply chains. Batteries are finding their way into the heavy haulage industry, perhaps changing the nature of logistics entirely and enabling consumers to benefit from lower costs. But why is this happening from an industrial and political perspective? Let’s take a look.

More Infrastructure

Heavy goods vehicle operators care more about infrastructure than the average driver. While car owners can take their SUVs down track and fill up periodically when they are close to cities, truck operators need proper roads affording large turning circles and plenty of filling stations. This infrastructure was always in place for conventional vehicles, but now manufacturers are building out the charging network, giving firms more freedom to operate EVs. Facilities are emerging on major highways for larger trucks to recharge in under an hour, coinciding with workers’ breaks.

Economics Of Scale

We’re also seeing the impact of economies of scale. As electric vehicles become more popular, the factories and supply chains required to produce them are also growing, pushing down costs. This change makes it more economically feasible for companies to consider replacing existing diesel-powered fleets with battery alternatives.

That it should happen in this order makes sense. Businesses are more price-sensitive than consumers who just want the latest technology. Companies must make a financial case for using electric heavy trucks, and now that’s emerging.

Designs Already In The Works

Another way electric cars are paving the way for battery-powered heavy trucks is the fact that designs are already in the works. Heavy trucks EV manufacturing prototypes are becoming more straightforward to conceptualize because the design frameworks for existing EVs are now reaching the point of maturity. This change in design priorities means that the cost of developing new trucks will be lower since many of the principles of effective cell and vehicle design are already known by people working in the industry.

Technological Innovation

More generally, electric cars are leading to various ancillary technological innovations that are enabling battery trucks to go mainstream. Charging facilities, energy storage, and motor efficiency are all enabling vehicles of increasing size to go into production, potentially fulfilling more needs across the board. Companies are better able to specify the types of vehicles they want without manufacturers having to make compromises that make them inferior to conventional diesel-powered tech.

Falling Cost Of Ownership

Finally, electric cars are causing the total cost of ownership of EV trucks to fall. While these new vehicles might be more expensive to buy in the short term, they tend to cost more over the long haul because of the lower price of fuel. So, there you have it: some of the ways that electric cars are helping to electrify the entire logistics supply chain.

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