How To Get Your Used Car To Smell Brand New In 7 Easy Steps

Posted by at 14 November 2019, at 11 : 49 AM

How To Get Your Used Car To Smell Brand New In 7 Easy Steps

That new car smell is intoxicating and is one which most car owners try to preserve for as long as possible in their new vehicle, but over time that much loved new car smell begins to fade, replaced with other odours that get stronger as the years go on. Scent plays a big part in our enjoyment of a space which is why used car salesmen do their best to make the interior of used cars smell as nice as possible. So whether you’re selling your car and want to make it as attractive to potential buyers as you can or you simply want to get in your car and re-live that new car feeling, then here are some tips to help you regain that new car smell at home.

1. Remove all smelly items from your car

It’s an obvious one, but your gym bag, last weeks coffee cup and that old sandwich wrapper are basically reverse air fresheners, slowly making the inside of your car smell like feet and food. Remove all smelly items out of your car as soon as you’ve finished using them to minimise the odour that is being absorbed by your car upholstery. If you’re going to eat and drink in your car then remember to take wrappers and empty cups out as soon as you are finished with them.

2. Vacuum

Once all larger items of trash, rubbish and unnecessary items such as spare shoes and water bottles have been removed from your car it’s time to remove the rest of the surface dirt by giving your car a good vacuum. Start with the basics and do the seats, mats, floor and boot. Next move onto the detailing, not forgetting to get inside all of the seat crevices and the door pockets to get rid of all the grit, crumbs and dirt that has built up there.

3. Remove the floor mats

Most cars have removable floor mats these days which can be easily taken out and given a deep clean separately. If the mats are made of plastic then simply give them a wipe down with some scented cleaning spray to remove any surface dirt. If the mats are made out of material then first give them a thorough hoover to remove any ingrained dust, next you can either use carpet shampoo on them to get rid of any ingrained dirt and smell or if your mats can be laundered then pop them in the washing machine. Once they are cleaned, hang them out to dry. Clean mats which have been washed in a scented soap act as little air fresheners in your vehicle and can help to keep it smelling fresh.

4. Clean your seats

Leather seats can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth and then treated with a leather protector to give them back their lustre and shine. Cloth seats on the other hand may need a little more work and should be shampooed using upholstery shampoo. Follow the upholstery shampoo instructions, which will usually involve working the shampoo into your seats, rubbing it with a damp cloth and then drying with a dry cloth, before hoovering once again. Be sure to work the shampoo extra hard into any stains and cover all areas of your seats including the headrests and armrests to remove the most odour. You can even use upholstery shampoo in your boot and in the footwell of your car.

5. Wipe down the interior

Next, get a hold of some scented interior wipes and wipe over the dashboard, inside the doors and across the steering wheel to remove any dust and dirt. Avoid getting these wipes on any glass areas such as the windows as they can cause a smearing effect.

6. Clean the windows

Finally, use a glass cleaner to clean the inside of your windscreen and windows to remove any smudges and give them back a brand new shine.

7. Use an air freshener

To maintain the freshness of your freshly cleaned car you may want to use an air freshener. Traditionally air fresheners are pretty ugly but with custom car air fresheners, you can now have a piece of your personality hanging from your mirror, helping you to keep that new car smell in your vehicle for that little bit longer.

And there you have it. Bringing back that new car smell is as simple as basic car care and a good thorough clean and with some new car hygiene habits, you’ll be able to keep it that way for longer.

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