Lexus GS350 F-Sport 3.5L V6 on Concavo wheels 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 18 September 2014, at 22 : 02 PM

Car of the day – Lexus GS350 F-Sport 3.5L V6 on Concavo wheels 1920×1080 HD

The Lexus GS350 F-Sport is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine which produces up to 306 hp (225 kW) at 6400 rpm and torque of 277 lbs-ft (375.6 Nm) at 4800 rpm. And with all this power, you can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 5.7 seconds.

The driver seat of Lexus GS350 F-Sport is adjustable almost like an owl’s head. The music system in the car is jazzy, and the steering wheel on the Japan made car is covered in leather. The logo matting and bright lights inside complete the interior’s picture. The rear wheel drive car has an itemized look in the inside.

The floor level consoles are supplemented by coinholders at both ends of the car. The car is scheduled to run on dry roads and summer tracks; it is a bit of a letdown, though. The stabilizers of Lexus GS350 F-Sport level the things and the automatic climate control brings the car back to the top with the leg space being enough for all.

The car is dispensed with several regular safety features like child locks, center belts, airbags, and latch. The disc brakes of Lexus GS350 F-Sport are powered, and the car has door beams and valet locks too.

The Lexus GS350 F-Sport is a sturdy mid size car that seems to be here to stay. Great pickup and braking (a bit greasy however), the car may give the others, especially the Sedan and BMW, a good run for their money.

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