Tuned BMW X6 Hamann with black hood in Russia 1920×1080 HD

Posted by at 16 September 2014, at 20 : 45 PM

Car of the day – Tuned BMW X6 Hamann with black hood in Russia 1920×1080 HD

Today, here, we have just an outstanding BMW X6 Hamann. The BMW X6 always looks great with white color exterior but a black color hood adds even more good looks to the car.

BMW is one of the elite car makers in the world, and its cars are the finest examples of automotive engineering. In the same league is the BMW X6. The BMW X6 has long been known to deliver luxury of the top class, even if the performance of the car has to be compromised to a certain extent. Since the company pitches its vehicles against machines like the Porsche 911, you would not get in luxury what you would lose in the sporty performance.

The degree of luxury that the BMW X6 has is truly legendary. In fact the BMW X6 series is a car in which you would want to go on a long, smooth paced drive with someone as the sun sets. The legroom and headroom of this car are enough to fit even those with unusual heights. The seats can be adjusted, and the driver seat has some extra adjustments.

The exterior looks of this car does true justice to its interior. The exteriors are trully class apart and have won accolades from auto enthusiasts and automobile designers across the globe.

Overall the design is pretty sleek and everything from the reflectors of the lamps to the car bumpers are tastefully done. The BMW X6 truly has looks that do justice to its price. On a warning note, some people might not like its rear primarily the treatment of its tail and the way trunk lid is done.

The BMW X6 is a good car, but if you want something even better, get a BMW X6 Hamann. The BMW X6 Hamann not just looks better but it also features a more powerful, tuned engine.

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