4 Modern Farming Tools to Increase Productivity

Posted by at 20 March 2020, at 08 : 47 AM

4 Modern Farming Tools to Increase Productivity

Technology has increased efficiency and competitiveness in the agricultural industry. Through modern machinery, farmers can improve both production rates and the quality of produce.

If you are looking to boost productivity and lower cost, here are four advanced tools you should invest in. Apart from improving your crop yield, these technological breakthroughs can also save precious time, reduce labor costs significantly, and make farm management easier.
1. Quad bikes

Buying a motorbike designed for heavy-duty work has become increasingly popular for farmers. Quad bikes, also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), are versatile machines that can help farmers with industrial work. Apart from their main purpose of hauling products and equipment, they can be used for plowing, raking, harrowing, and mowing.

When browsing farm quad bikes for sale, pay close attention to the type of tyres. Universal tyres are flexible and operate well on off-road paths in moderate terrain. Off-road tires, on the other hand, are more suited to experienced riders and more complex terrains.

Four-wheel drive quads are designed for towing and hilly terrain, although they are heavier and more difficult to control. A two-wheel drive, on the other hand, is lighter and often recommended for first-time drivers.

2. Automatic cow milking machines

Milking is a complicated process that requires hundreds of workers operating from morning until night. Investing in robotic milking stations is one way to reduce the labor and time required for milk harvesting. These machines offer complete automation from milk extraction to inspection and cleaning of milking cups. Not only do they increase milk production but they also monitor a cow’s health status. This lets your workers focus on more important tasks instead.

3. Robotic harvesters

Certain crops like potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables are harder to harvest than others. The process often requires farmers to spend long hours bending over and standing up under the heat of the sun. The physical nature of their occupation has made them especially vulnerable to back problems.

Robotic harvesters allow farmers to extract crops at a faster and greater scale. These machines till the dirt around the crops and lift them from the ground at a consistent pace. They are programmed to accurately pick crops with as minimal waste as possible.

4. Soil testers

4 Modern Farming Tools to Increase Productivity

Knowing the soil’s pH level and nutrient content lets you determine which crops and plants will most likely thrive on your land. There are various test kits in the market designed for a variety of purposes from measuring fertility to weighing moisture levels.

Matching the right plants to your soil will maintain the fertility of your land and increase crop production levels. Putting all your energy into planting only compatible seedlings will lead to more profit and less crop waste.

Agricultural tools have evolved rapidly in the last few decades. Apart from boosting production, the use of these innovations can also promote sustainability and food security. In the midst of climate change and economic crises, modern farming tools is one way to sustain both present and future generations.

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