What to Look for in an Oasser Car Tyre Inflator Review

Posted by at 21 March 2020, at 12 : 10 PM

What to Look for in an Oasser Car Tyre Inflator Review

Shopping for a car tyre inflator, then you probably will be amazed about how challenging it can be to find the best one for you. I know this much because I recently decided to get one for the house, after having to deal with a flat tyre which cost me a crucial meeting. I went shopping for one. A quick search online, and I found that the Oasser range of inflators was well right for the price, but there wasn’t much available about the quality of the product.

So after a few months of owning the product and testing it out, I do have some great and not so great things to say about it. So when looking through this or any other review, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for this range of car tyre inflators (you can read it here).

Oasser Is Made in China

Don’t let anyone deceive you that this range of inflators is made in the United States, UK, or any other place. Oasser is purely Chinese and a popular manufacturer of quality equipment at that. So if it says on the package that yours is made somewhere else, then it is probably an imitation, and you shouldn’t pay for it, or ask for a refund. 


One of the reasons why Oasser is popular is because they are portable. They are easy to carry around and don’t take up much space in the trunk of your car. The compact design also makes it easy to store when not in use. It won’t take up much space in the garage since it is designed for family-sized vehicles. I do not think it would serve well for trucks and vehicles with larger tyres, but it works well for a travel-friendly option. 


When shopping for an Oasser air pump or any other, for that matter, you want to confirm that it is made from durable and long-lasting materials. It is the only way you don’t end up with a crappy product that will need replacing anytime soon. While you can’t tell much about the main components of the device, you want to check the review for mentions of whether or not the product can hold up for a long time. Also, maintenance is another factor when dealing with such equipment, and you can find some useful tips in the link below. 


Air Pressure

Does the device provide enough air pressure to do the pumping? It is what will determine if the product will be useful to you or not. You don’t want to wait for hours for your car tyres to be inflated, so you want a machine that can do the device quickly. Check the reviews for mention of the pump time, and anything more than a couple of minutes tops is not a good option for you. Whether it is a manual or automatic device, the pressure has to be enough to pump and do so damn fast too. 


A good Oasser air pump should be able to inflate a variety of devices, and this should include bicycles, motorcycles, and car tyres. They should also include adaptors that make it possible to pump even a football or a balloon if you wish to. There is so much you can do with an air pump, especially an Oasser, and you want to check your reviews for all the tiny details. This website has some useful information on how to use an air pump. 

Extra Tools

You also want to check that your tyre inflator unit comes with extra tools on them for you to work around your vehicle. The Oasser car pump, for example, features an LED illumination for when it is dark, and you need to add some air to your tyres. So you want to check that all the necessary features are in check before you make your purchase. 

Two-year Warranty

There is a two-year warranty on all Oasser products, so you want to ensure that you cash in on that before checking out your purchase. If you purchase directly from the manufacturers, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you shop from a third-party retailer like Amazon or eBay, you want to confirm that you are covered by the warranty also. 

Final Note

There is a lot you can learn from online reviews, and when shopping for an Oasser car tyre inflator, you may want to check against the guide provided above.

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