The most common causes of motorcycle accidents

Posted by at 23 October 2020, at 10 : 56 AM

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents

Are you thinking of learning to ride a motorcycle? Or are you an experienced rider looking to expand your knowledge? As a motorcycle enthusiast, you’re probably already aware of risks associated with riding a motorcycle on the roads. Careless drivers and poor visibility, not forgetting potentially life-threatening injuries… it’s hardly surprising that it’s motorcycle riders who tend to come off worse in the event of a crash. If you’ve been in a road accident whilst on your motorcycle, get in touch with a Forest City motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss what happened.

But what is it that causes these devastating accidents? When riders choose to arm themselves with this kind of knowledge, they can take the steps needed to spot potential hazards and react accordingly. Here we’ll explore the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Car doors

Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents involve stationary vehicles! If you’re riding along the road – sticking to the speed limit – and a driver or passenger of a stationary vehicle opens their door without looking, then you’re going to ride straight into it at speed and be ejected from your bike. You may not be going fast, but the force of landing on the asphalt and potentially skidding along the ground could cause you serious harm.

Cars suddenly stopping

If the car in front of you is tailgating the driver in front of them and they suddenly stop, or they’re driving recklessly and brake too harshly, then it’s probable that you’ll ride straight into the back of them. Even if you’re traveling at the recommended distance from the vehicle in front. Depending on the severity of the impact it’s not unheard of for motorcyclists to be killed in these tragic circumstances.

Dangerous road conditions

It’s not always other motorists that cause road accidents, often circumstances out of our control can contribute to accidents. And when it comes to things like potholes, debris in the road, cracks and uneven surfaces, it’s often motorcyclists who come off worse.

Inexperienced drivers

Just because you’ve recently passed your motorcycle test, it doesn’t mean that you’re now capable of driving competently on all roads and in all conditions. There’s always something new to learn and when it comes to motorcycling, your education should never stop. Sadly, inexperienced drivers who attempt unsafe passes, take unnecessary risks and put themselves in dangerous situations are more likely to have a crash.


Rider error and misjudgment are common factors in road crashes. If you’re going too fast you’re more likely to lose control of your bike, fail to spot a hazard and react in time, and stop before you hit another vehicle. Riders should always stick to the speed limit. Even on those wide-open roads with minimal traffic.

And finally, poor visibility

Many accidents involving motorcycles have poor visibility as a factor. Sometimes motorists just don’t look hard enough for motorcycles and their riders before the pull out of junctions or turn left. The best way for riders to combat this is to always wear their safety gear and try to increase their visibility. Riders should always be ready to yield in case a driver hasn’t spotted them.

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