The Right Etiquette in Dealing With Potholes

Posted by at 30 July 2021, at 07 : 36 AM

The Right Etiquette in Dealing With Potholes

When it comes to protecting your family when out on the road, one of the most frustrating things every driver encounters is a dangerous pothole. It is one of the biggest problems we all find. Potholes usually appear after snow melts or when freezing temperatures disappear, but sometimes these potholes stay in the road for months and don’t get fixed. Potholes don’t just cause a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle, but they can make a relaxing drive a hair-raising experience! What does it take to make sure that you are prepared for potholes?

Make Sure Your Car Is Aligned

There’s a lot of problems that can arise from potholes, not least the bits of road that come up and can damage your windshield. While you should make sure that your car has adequate windshield protection, another thing that can make a big difference is ensuring your wheels are aligned.

Correct wheel alignment is really useful when handling your vehicle in normal conditions, so it stands to reason that when you drive over potholes, having proper wheel alignment will make your car feel sturdier during those difficult moments.

Driving at the Right Speed

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to going over a pothole. Some people think that if you go faster you will fly over it, but this is not true. If you see a pothole, the best approach is to slow down. By reducing your speed, you will reduce how much impact you will feel.

But make sure that you never brake into a pothole, because when you hit a pothole, it’s important for the car to take the impact rather than the brakes. Braking could cause you a lot more problems further down the line, especially when it comes to getting your brake pads tightened. If you cannot avoid a pothole, make sure that you reduce your speed and drive as straight as possible.

Do not veer off to the side, as this can send a message to the drivers behind that there is a change in trajectory. When you are driving over the pothole, make sure that you grip the steering wheel as firmly as possible. When the tires go into the hole, you may feel the wheel start to jerk, but make sure you keep control over the wheel as this will make the car as steady as possible.

Prepare and Prevent!

When you see a driver a front hit a pothole, the best thing to do is to remember you should never tailgate. If the driver in front of you just missed a pothole, you need that important reaction time.

However, if you ever hit a pothole, the best thing to do is pull over as soon as possible and check for damage. If the alignment has changed, or the steering feels off, go and get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

Potholes are the bane of most drivers, but with some simple prevention and preparation, you can sidestep these pesky encounters.

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