RV Storage – Keeping your Recreational Vehicles in the Best Condition

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RV Storage – Keeping your Recreational Vehicles in the Best Condition

Getting around the country or going sightseeing would surely be a lot comfortable cruising around in your recreational vehicle. And while you will have to worry about getting the right type, you want to also look into how to go about your RV storage.

Except you have a large driveway or enough space near your property to park it daily, you likely would need to look into commercial RV storage near you. And if you are in the Miami, Florida area, you can surely find a lot of businesses willing to help keep your trailers in store.

Storing your RV, the Right Way

Even if you have the space to work with at home, you don’t just drive your vehicle to one spot and leave it until you want to use it. And in the case of recreational vehicles, you likely use them seasonally. So you want to make sure that it is in the best condition all season.

While you want to start by ensuring that you own one of the best RV brands, you also want to be sure that it has all you need to enjoy your time outdoors. For example, you could spend much on an excellent recreational vehicle that you would on a regular sedan. 

And even though they may look poorly made, they offer more versatility than your average car. For one, you could live comfortably in a motor home than you would in your car.

Storing your RV for the long term is different than putting your car away for the winter. You want to ensure that your motorhome’s interior and exterior conditions are optimal before locking it away for safety. The critical things you want to look into include:

Where to Store It

This will likely be the bulk of your problems if you don’t have enough space to accommodate the motorhome in your yard. So you want to start by searching around your locality to find a safe place to hold your vehicle for whenever you want to use it. You will see more tips on finding the right RV storage near you later on in the article.

Clean it Properly

Prepping your RV for storage means that you will need to clean it dry to ensure that all the dirt left from the last adventure doesn’t turn to mold after locking it up for months. So you want to ensure that you give it a good scrub down to remove all crumbs, litters, and potential hazards from the vehicle space. 

In addition, you want to employ a good wash and wax that will help protect the interior and exterior from sun damage. This would include using the best rust prevention and metal and wood sprays to help with preserving the construction materials from the weather. You can find more here https://www.tripsavvy.com/tips-for-cleaning-an-rv-4161272 on how to clean your motorhomes properly before storing them. 

Seal all Openings

The next thing you want to do is seal all open spaces to prevent moisture from getting into the vehicle. You want to start by inspecting all the seals along the edges of the interior seams. These are usually sections with rubber, silicone, or caulking materials used to lock in the construction. You want to use sealants in areas with loose fittings to prevent further destruction while the motorhome is idle.

Check the Vents

Your ventilation system could be one of the quickest ways water can get into your RV. And as a matter of importance, you want to keep it shut to prevent damage from moisture. Although there are vent covers that can help you take care of potential ventilation leaks, you could employ other means necessary to ensure the RV is leak-proof.

Interior Furnishing and Checks

You will also need to examine the interior furnishing for the likely areas that need to be primed before getting the RV stored. You want to avoid putting up the nightshades to prevent light penetration leading to mold growth. So instead, leave up the clear daytime shades that encourage the passage of light. This way, you can be sure there will be proper ventilation even when the windows are shut.

Some other things you want to look into inside your RV are the electrical and plumbing components. For example, you want to turn off all electrical appliances to prevent draining the battery charges. And if you are looking to keep it in store for long, you want to consider taking out the battery and locking it up in storage. Your plumbing would also need to be checked to ensure no pipe leaks or mold spots need to be attended to before storage.

Exterior Finishing and Security Checks

As mentioned earlier, you will need to prime the exterior of your RV before taking it to the store. This will include wiping the exterior clean with a primer that helps preserve the material. You will also need to check that the tires are in good shape. Finally, clean it dry to remove oils and other fluid from the surrounding.

You should also be mindful of the weight distribution. Take out any unnecessary material from the vehicle to reduce the load-bearing on the wheels. It may also be wise to move the car around occasionally to reduce the cracking and tear of the tires.

Finding the Right RV Storage

If you stay in Florida, you will find many Miami boat storage facilities happy to assist you with keeping your recreational vehicles for you. In addition, it is possible to find experts who could also help with inspecting the RV to make sure that it is primed for storage. Ideally, you want to work with service providers with enough space and security to ensure that your vehicle won’t be vandalized while in their care.

Final Note

But as a matter of safety, you want to consider installing safety features in your vehicles before taking them to the stand. You can find RV storage near you by checking with other RVers or looking up the internet for service providers near you. But you should know that it will cost you to have your vehicle in store. And the cost would likely be in line with the duration you are looking to store it for.

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