Stalling on the Highway: What To Do in This Hair-Raising Situation

Posted by at 16 June 2021, at 05 : 35 AM

Stalling on the Highway: What To Do in This Hair-Raising Situation

It is one of the biggest situations that can scare the holy hell out of us. When you are in charge of a vehicle doing 70 mph on the freeway, and the car suddenly cuts out, it’s one of those moments where you have to act fast or risk everything. Unfortunately, it is one of those things that can happen. So what should you do when your car stalls in the middle of the highway?

Get Over to the Side as Safely as You Can

The very first thing you do is to get over to the side of the highway. When pulling over, signal normally. When trying to get over, do so without any sudden movements as you will risk everyone else on the road too. When you are indicating to get over to the far side of the highway, signal normally, and then when you get to the shoulder, pull as far off it as you can, and switch on the hazard warning lights.

Once the vehicle has come to a complete stop and the hazard lights are on, wait for help. If you can call for a reliable towing service while you are in the car, it’s safer for you to stay there, especially if you’ve broken down in the middle of the highway or freeway. It’s better for you to stay in the car rather than trying to cross the highway on foot because you could get hit by a driver that doesn’t see you.

Stay Vigilant

When the vehicle comes to a complete stop and the hazard lights are on, you need to wait for help. Watch the rearview mirror for any approaching traffic. If you really need to exit the car, and the right side is clear to the shoulder, consider going through the passenger side door and this is the same if there’s no shoulder. When you pull over on the highway, call for help either via your cell phone or highway emergency call box.

If you exited the car, get back to it. Put your seatbelts back on, lock the doors, and wait for assistance. If the car is on level ground, the car should be neutral instead of park and do not set the parking brake. This is for the reason if you get rear-ended, this will greatly reduce the resulting impact. Some people talk about raising the hood and the trunk lid, but this could block your field of vision. If the car isn’t completely disabled, keep moving on the shoulder, and keep driving slowly until you find a safe place to stop.

Finally, if you think you can fix the car, do not attempt to fix it until it is completely off the road, because it is dangerous next to moving traffic. It’s surprising how many people are not aware of the best practices in a car accident or when the car stalls. It can be nerve-wracking, but with these simple pieces of advice, you should get out of there safely.

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