Safety Tips Every Motorcycle Rider Needs To Know!

Posted by at 3 February 2023, at 06 : 02 AM

Safety Tips Every Motorcycle Rider Needs To Know!

Riding a motorcycle comes with significantly more risks than driving a car. When you’re in a car, you have the luxury of being protected by sturdy metal and other materials. There’s a whole frame surrounding you and your passengers, plus airbags in case you crash. A minor accident can leave you with a dent in your car and a small case of shock – that’s it.

For motorcyclists, the same accident can have grave consequences. While the driver of a car walks away with no injuries, the ride of a motorcycle may be carried off on a stretcher. As motorcycle accident lawyer Kaine Law puts it, motorcycles don’t provide the same level of protection that other motor vehicles do. Motorcyclists are therefore more vulnerable on the roads.

As a result, every motorcycle rider needs to be aware of the following safety tips to ensure they minimize the risk of serious injuries while riding:

Always wear the right gear

Don’t head out on your motorcycle unless you’re wearing the correct gear. This includes the following:

A helmet (not wearing one is illegal and this will save your life)
Non-slip gloves
A proper motorcycle jacket
Proper motorcycle pants
Ankle boots

All of these things help to minimize the risk of injuries following an incident. You can also buy full motorcycle suits instead of purchasing pants and jackets separately. Either way, they protect your body if you fall off as they tend to be padded.

Go on a safety course

Presumably, you already passed the necessary tests to let you legally ride a motorcycle. Still, it’s worth going on a safety course to further your knowledge of motorcycle safety. Here, you’ll be taught everything you need to know about riding your motorbike.

This includes things like where you’re allowed to place your bike on the roads, how to deal with certain situations, and so on. It will help you learn how to be a safer road user, which can reduce the number of incidents you get into throughout your life.

Check your bike & the weather conditions

Every journey should begin with two vital checks:

Inspect your motorbike before heading out to see if everything is working correctly
Look at the weather conditions to see if it’s suitable riding weather

Never start a journey without inspecting your motorcycle as you run the risk of riding with an issue that could cause an accident. Something as simple as a busted taillight will make all the difference as it reduces your visibility on the roads.

Likewise, try to avoid riding when the weather is seriously bad. Torrential rain, snow, wind, or ice can be treacherous for motorcyclists. You become less visible and the elements have a worse effect on your vehicle than they do on cars because you lose traction and balance. Sometimes, the safest thing you can do is call an Uber.

Yes, a huge part of motorcycle safety lies in the hands of other road users. They must learn how to deal with motorcyclists and to be aware of them on the roads. Still, you should do everything in your power to keep yourself safe whenever you ride. Take care of what you can control, and you should see fewer accidents.

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