Tractor Pulling: Why It’s One of the Most Exciting Motorsport Competitions

Posted by at 10 September 2021, at 10 : 39 AM

Tractor Pulling: Why It’s One of the Most Exciting Motorsport Competitions

Motorsport competitions are popular. And there are many reasons why people engage in these activities, either as a competitor or as a viewer. For competitors, motorsport games give them the adrenaline rush. And given that these competitions require high-level skills, being part of them can make players increase their self-confidence.

As for spectators, like most sports competitions, motorsport games are exhilarating to watch. Many people also bet on their favorite players, so engaging in these games even as an audience can help them earn a little on the side.

The most popular motorsport competitions focus on racing, such as motorcycle racing, drag racing, boat racing, and so on. But one competition that stands out from the rest and more people should get to know is truck and tractor pulling.

What Is Tractor Pulling?

This sport is also sometimes called power pulling. And in this game, players will need to drive modified trucks or tractors and drag a heavy sled. The player who drags it the farthest is considered the winner. The farthest possible distance or the “full pull” is 100 meters.

The history of power pulling goes way back before automotive vehicles were invented. Farmers used horses and cows to drag their farming equipment and wagons. And farmers would see whose horse is stronger by making their horses carry the same load and see which one gets the farthest.

The game eventually evolved into truck and tractor pulling in 1929, which was the first time automotive vehicles were used in the competitions. An interested party can check on old pickup trucks or heavy-haul carriers for sale, get one, and upgrade it to be able to join competitions.

Why Do People Love Tractor Pulling?

Power pulling is an exciting sport. In recent years, the audience for power pulling competitions has increased. But it’s true that the turnout is still incomparable to the other more popular motorsport competitions. More people should take more interest in power pulling because of its many great characteristics.

It’s Different

Motor racing focuses on speed. It challenges a driver’s ability to outspeed other drivers.

On the other hand, power pulling is all about power and torque. The game looks at how good a driver is based on their ability to maneuver their vehicle to reach the farthest distance they can while dragging a sled that weighs thousands of pounds. This characteristic makes tractor pulling unique among other motorsport competitions.

It’s Messy and Noisy

Most racing competitions have a glamorous or luxurious vibe, particularly sports car racing. It’s the opposite for tractor pulling. This sport tends to be quite messy, but that’s what makes it exciting.

For example, power pulling is usually held on muddy or dusty soil. And when tractors try to pull the heavy sled, their tires usually generate a lot of dust. Not to mention, some diesel trucks commonly used in this competition have smoke pipes on the hood. And they churn out massive amounts of thick black smoke as the pullers drive through the field.This mess adds character to the sport and makes it more interesting for the spectators.

Speaking of the audience, it’s possible to have a close view of the competition. For example, viewers can come close to the fences that enclose the competition track. So they can get a more vivid experience of the sport.

Power pulling competitions also tend to be noisy. The noise is usually a mix of pullers revving up their engines as they drag heavy loads through the field and the cheers from the audience. Being in the competition can certainly make you feel alive.

Some Games Are for a Cause

Some tractor pulling competitions are held for a good cause. For instance, the 2020 Ohio State Summer Shootout Truck and Tractor Pull was held to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. And in 2021, a pulling competition in Maryland donated money to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Sure, raising funds for a cause isn’t new in the field of sports. It’s actually quite common for players to organize games as a way to raise funds and donate to their selected charities. Still, given how often pullers and tractor pulling organizations give back to the community, more people should take an interest in the sport to appreciate it and help others.

There’s a saying that goes,”Different strokes for different folks.” Not everyone will find power pulling interesting as they may favor other types of sports. But at the very least, more people should give power pulling a chance.

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